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Dietary Supplement

Dietary supplement brand

Daesang Wellife

‘Daesang Wellife' is the leading health brand in Korea, which is constantly making progress by operating high value-added total health business including dietary supplement and health related services.

In 2002, we introduced nation’s very first professional health brand “Daesang Wellife”.
Since then, we are offering total health solution to our customers based on Daesang’s food research know-how accumulated over half a century.

Including our Chlorella, which is No.1 product in Korea, we are showcasing a variety of dietary supplements to settle health concerns of our customers.

Product Categories
  • - Chlorella
  • - Red Ginseng & Health Beverage
  • - Vitamins & Minerals
  • - Dietary Supplement
  • - Global leader of chlorella industry (Exporting to Japan, US, Europe, etc.)
  • - Daesang chlorella & amino acids products are 100% manufactured by ourselves
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