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Complete, Balanced Nutrition


NUCARE is a balanced nutrition formula for patients, which provides balanced nutrition to improve nutritional status and support quick recovery of patients.

Diverse product portfolio enables us to provide customized nutrition according to customer's health condition and nutritional status.
Our products are produced at the Cheonan factory, which is the first HACCP-certified facility for balanced nutrition formula in Korea.
In addition, we reinforced our product reliability by implementing quality inspection system of KOLAS-certified national authority.

Since 1995, we aspire to establish ourselves as a brand that protects the health and happiness of our family.

Product Categories
  • - Complete Nutrition Drink
  • - Enteral Nutrition Products (Drink & RTH)
  • - Viscosity Control Products
  • - Single Nutrient Supplements
  • - Balanced Nutrition Snacks
  • - Completely balanced nutritious formula with excellent palatability
  • - Source of 22 vitamins and minerals which provides sufficient nutrition as a complete meal
  • - 100% produced in own facility
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