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Company Introduction


We will grow and develop as the best health food company in Korea

Wellife, the health food brand of Daesang Wellife, is a leading health brand in Korea which is continuously making progress through high value-added total health businesses such as dietary supplement and health-related services. In 2002, we introduced nation’s very first professional health brand “Wellife”. We have contributed to healthy and happy life of our customers with the motto of 'health & food science', which developed food research know-how accumulated during half century into health science.

'NUCARE', nutrition brand for general customers and patients, has been producing balanced nutrition products from specialized manufacturing facilities since 1995. With raw materials of highest quality and scientific efficacy, we contribute to the public health by developing the product of best quality.

Daesang Wellife, which is aiming for constant innovation, is concentrating on future-oriented growing businesses such as health business and silver business in order to become a leader of domestic and global market. We are doing our utmost to grow into a company with the best technology, quality, and service competitiveness. Through continuous management innovation, we aspire to become the "Pioneer of the aging era who leads customers to healthy life through harmonization of people, technology and information."

We ask for your continuous interest and support for Daesang Wellife, and we wish you peace and good luck in your future.

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